Welcome all of you. This is the 1st Student Council from the Data Science Department, School of Intelligence Computing at Hanyang University.

The Data Science Department was founded in 2020 with an aim of cultivating talents equipped with knowledge and skills to utilize AI and big data in the rise of future industries. This field is now growing into an academic arena where talented students gather together to study and solve problems on their own.

The 1st Student Council from the Data Science Department keeps advancing to create a unique color for the department through close communication with all students. We will strive hard to stand by the students to make sure their voices are heard and realized in the form of diverse events and welfare benefits.We will always do our utmost to help students from the Data Science Department who are the driving force in the growth of future industries to become the leaders of data science in Korea. We will look forward to your support and attention. Thank you.

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The 2nd Data Science Student Council Organization Co-In
President Yu Janghoon (entered in 2020)
Deputy President Oh Ji Yeong (entered in 2020)
Data Science Student Representative of sophomore Yoon Eun Seo (entered in 2020)
Data Science Student Representative of freshman Min Ji Hong(entered in 2021)
Cognitive Science Student Representative of freshman Lee Chang (entered in 2021)
PR Data Science (20) Yu Janghoon
Data Science (21) Yoo Seo Hyeon
Data Science (21) Lee Se Eun
Data Science (21) Ryu Ui Jae
Editing Data Science (20) Baek Eu Gene
Cognitive Science (21) Jeong Ye Kyeong
Data Science (21) Lee Jun Seo
Cognitive Science (21) Moon Sun Woo
Planning Data Science (20) Yoon Eun Seo
Data Science (20) Kim Do Hyun
Data Science (20) Chea Ye Jin
Data Science (21) Kim Dong Ki
Data Science (21) Kim So Yeon
Cognitive Science (21) Yoon Ji Chan
General Affairs Data Science (20) Kim Yun Ho
Data Science (21) Lee Woo Jin
Cognitive Science (21) Kim Min Seo
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